Steam Cleaning

We now offer the cleaning of natural stone, roofing and masonry using steam and superheated water.
This method has become the new industry standard, providing optimal cleaning while protecting structures and sensitive stone surfaces.




The system works by producing a precise fan-shaped cleaning edge of  pressured super-heated water and steam that quickly removes grime, moss, algae, fungi and many other types of soiling, plus paint or surface coatings.

The super-heated water... and steam reaches up to 150ºC gently releasing surface grime, while killing bacteria and spores, thereby eliminating the source of biological growth without the need for chemicals making it very environmentally friendly.

This method is fast and efficient. Minimal water is used which protects the structure. Due to the low surface saturation and high temperature, the treated surface dries very quickly with minimum risk of water ingress.

The super-heated steam and water is generated inside a diesel burner and an electric pump provides the pressure, which is delivered through a high pressure lance. The operator has full control of pressure and temperature. The precise 15º to 25º cleaning edge is created with a ceramic nozzle.


Before After
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  • Stone and Masonry cleaningbalcony2
  • Grime removal
  • Algae and moss removal
  • Cleaning and sterilisation
  • Paint stripping
  • Bitumen removal
  • Graffiti and chewing gum removal
  • Oil and grease cleaning





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Watch! - videos showing the Steam Cleaning process at work